• 13 October 2023
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The International Association of Peace Messenger Cities (IAPMC) is deeply concerned  about the conflict that has flared up in the Middle East.

We condemn the terrorist attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas on the Israeli civilian population and call for an end to hostilities and military activities that lead to a deepening of the crisis and a humanitarian disaster.

Although under international law an attacked country has the right to self defense, we urge Israel not to respond disproportionately as the Palestinian civilian population can not bear the consequences of the actions of terrorist extremists. 

We condemn every attack on civilian targets. In peace messenger cities we express solidarity with the population and call on all parties involved in conlicts to respect international humanitarian law and establish a humanitarian corridor for the endangered residents od the cities, especially Gaza. We call on those involved to protect civilians, immediately release  the hostages and start peace talks.

We call on the international community to take a proactive approach to resolving the conflict and to a fast, responsible and coordinated peace process that will contribute to geopolitical stabilization of the situation.

Violence begets violence. In every war, cities and their inhabitants are the targets. Peace messenger cities condemn any such violence and sympathite with the relatives of the victims. Peace is a human right.  The humanitarian disaster  as we are witnessing in Palestine, additionally confirms the role and responsibility of peace messenger cities as messengers of peace in creating a culture of peace and encourages dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect among all nations and people of the world.


Tilen Klugler

General secretary of IAPMC and mayor of Slovenj Gradec

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