Appeal for the commemoration of the victims who died during the protests in the ukraine

Honorable Mayors of the Peace Messenger Cities, Members of the IAPMC,

Over the past few months we have had an opportunity to be witnesses of the dramatic events which have taken place in Ukraine. Dire events in Kiev’s Maidan led to death of over 70 people. As the President of the IAPMC I believe that only dialogue between all parties concerned is able to prevent further escalation of violence. IAPMC strongly condemns all acts of violence aimed at civilians. In the interest of the whole world is to stabilize the situation in the Ukraine. In the face of this situation it is extremely important to support civil society.

Therefore, I appeal to all cities – Messengers of Peace, to commemorate the victims that have died so far. We should remember that even the simplest gestures of solidarity can mean
a lot for this country trying to recover from a deep crisis.

Yours in Peace,

 Andrzej Pietrasik

President of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities

Płońsk (POLAND)