Membership fees

The membership fee is currently 1000 EUR (or corresponding amount in local currency) for the cities of population over 100.000 inhabitants and 500 EUR (or corresponding ammount in local currency) for cities and towns of population below 100.000 inhabitants. Membership should be paid before June for current year. Once a membership fee has been paid, the city has a right to vote (one membership – one vote) at the annual General Assemblies (GA) or Executive Board (EB) meetings. The Executive Board of IAPMC has reserved the right to exclude the city from the bodies in which it is represented within the IAPMC if the city fails to pay the annual fee.

 The membership fee should be paid to the following account:

City Municipality of Slovenj Gradec / IAPMC
Solska ulica 5
SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec

Banka Slovenije (Bank of Slovenia)
Slovenska cesta 35
SI-1000 Ljubljana

If you choose to pay via SWIFT:
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BSLJSI2X
SWIFT Account number: BSLJSI2X-013120100010322

If you choose to pay via IBAN:
IBAN Account number: SI56013120100010322

Please, state the following under the payment subject:
(name of the city) – (payment year) – IAPMC

We kindly ask you to inform the Secretary General about the payment when it is done. A short email to the  Secretary-General will do.

Thank you for your continuous support of our Association.

INVOICE FORMS (please download the form, corresponding your city's population and replace the text, marked in red, with relevant data):