About Us


The International Association of Peace Messenger Cities was established to recognize and encourage the role and responsibility cities have in creating a culture of peace.

The IAPMC had its first meeting in Verdun France in 1988. It was formalized at a General Assembly meeting in New Haven, Connecticut, USA in 1990. Our first Statute was adopted in Marrakech, Morocco in 1991.

An organization was born out of United Nations General Assembly designation as Peace Messengers. It firmly believes that municipal authorities have profound responsibility to assume an active, creative role in establishing a Culture of Peace within their borders.

The following member cities are members of the Executive Board of IAPMC:

Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Coventry (United Kingdom)
Kragujevac (Serbia)
Kumanovo (North Macedonia)
Morphou (Cyprus)
Płońsk (Poland)
Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)
Volgograd (Russia)
Zurrieq (Malta)

Our representatives are:


Ms. Benjamina Karić, Mayor (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Vice Presidents:

Mr. Vitaliy Likhachev, Mayor (Volgograd, Russian Federation)

Mr. Victor Hadjiavraam, Mayor (Morphou, Cyprus)
Mr. Vincent Kouaoh N’Cho, Vice-Governor (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

Secretary General:

Mr. Tilen Klugler, Mayor (Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia)

Deputy Secretary-General:
Mr. Dušan Stojanovič (Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia)

Honorary President:
Alfred L. Marder, (New Haven, CT, USA, President of US Peace Council)

Honorary Members:
Mr. André Hediger (Geneva, Switzerland)
Mr. Brian Roger Fitch (Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom)
H.E. Amb. Sylvester Ekundayo Rowe, Ph.D., IAPMC Representative at the UN DPI-NGO

New member cities can apply for membership, providing they fulfil and comply with the membership criteria, either by contacting the officials (president or secretary-general) or any of the member cities which can propose the new membership at the General Assembly.