For over thirty years, the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities has been involved in numerous campaigns

  • 10 July 2017
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It all started in 1986, the International Year of Peace. 68 cities from all over the world were awarded the honorary title "MESSENGER OF PEACE" by the UN Secretary-General, H.E. Javier Perez DeCuellar.

Since then, the network of Peace Messenger Cities has almost doubled. 112 cities with joint population of over 250 million inhabitants are now following similar goals and fulfilling their noble mission: 

"in the building of a world less violent and more humane, a world of tolerance and of mutual respect to enable the requirements of peace based on justice and human rights to be better understood".

The Association was established to encourage cities to help create a culture of peace and has as it aims:

- to promote understanding between peoples
- to enable the promotion of solidarity between them
- to spread the spirit of peace, tolerance and mutual respect
- to promote efforts aimed at combating wars, hunger and natural disasters
- to ensure that governments understand that nuclear disarmament is a primary necessity, as are       the protection of human rights, liberty and the free movement of individuals.

The IAPMC motivates city administrations to partake in a number of activities, particularly in the following fields:

- Education and information
- Youth
- Culture
- Sports
- Environmental protection
- Enhancement of quality of life

At the 15th Anniversary (in 2001) the organization published a brochure, which represents an extensive insight of its activities for the first 15 years. We have restored the brochure and digitized it. You can browse through it below:

Documents to download