Vice-President of the IAPMC, Mr. Victor Hadjiavraam, mayor of Morphou, Cyprus, will be the special guest of this year's "My Music for Peace" event in Torun, Poland, on 3rd of November 2017. The concert will be held in benefit of the Torun children hospice "HOPE" . There will also be discussion under the idea "Music as response to violence".

  • 24 October 2017
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International Association of Peace Messenger Cities has an honour to take under its auspices the project „Music the Peace Messenger”, which is a realisation of the program „My Music for Peace”, held by the „BORYNA” Foundation Centre of Sound and Music Therapy, having its seat in Poland, 87-100 Torun.

We appreciate the project’s aim and mission – to use the potential of music - to act for peace, reducing scale of aggression, “healing the world from the illness of war, violence”.

It goes together with the mission and purpose of the IAPMC and contributes to fulfilment its main purpose, that is building the culture of peace in cities of the world. We share the opinion, that music, as a vehicle of peaceful attitudes can be a very important issue, among the ones surrounding social life and various conflicts – military terrorism, ethnic problems, and the world of politics.


We take under our auspices the events realised in various cities of the world, be it members of the IAPMC, or in those, where citizens and authorities are open and ready to support actions of building culture of peace, within this year’s edition and for the following ones. The projects includes concerts, and forum „Music the response to violence”- workshops, discussion panels and conferences and exposition of artworks expressing vision of role of music in building the world peace.


We appreciate the participation in the project by a renowned violin virtuoso, Steve Kindler, who devotes his talent and unique revolutionary nine-string violin to the project.


Along with expressing our deep and true support to actions held by the Foundation, we support its requests for financial support of the sponsors and donors, and we hope and believe that the project “Music as a Peace Messenger” will develop successfully and bring benefits to our society.


Your help and support will make a noble contribution and an important message to the most essential and imperative goals of humanity, to make all possible efforts to reduce the scale of aggression, creating attitudes of friendship and respect between people of different nationalities, faiths and beliefs.