Aid to Sarajevo

  • 4 July 2014
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Aid to Sarajevo

Dear Friends,

As the President of  IAPMC I would like to  inform  you about misery and  tragedy that touched Bosnia and Herzegovina. The  capital – the city of Sarajevo is a member of the International Association of Peace Messengers Cities  since 2005, and actively participates in all meetings and initiatives of the Association. For many years we meet with representatives of Sarajevo in conferences organized by our Association.

In recent weeks, floods and landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina caused damage which  effects will be dealt which for many years. Dozens of people have been killed and thousands were left with no roof over head. Therefore, I feel obliged to notify all the member cities of the Association of the tragedy which touched the country whose capital is one of the member of IAPMC.

I appeal with  fervent request to assistance to victims in the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the degree that you can. All interested in providing assistance in property or finance, kind or financial, please contact the city of Sarajevo: e-mail:, tel. +387 33 214 841, fax +387 33 208 341.

Yours in Peace,

Andrzej Pietrasik

The President of the IAPMC- Płońsk, POLAND