2015 General Assembly

  • 27 October 2015
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2015 General Assembly

Honourable Mayors, City Councillors and Representatives,

It is our sincere pleasure to announce, that the 2015 General Assembly of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities will be held on October 30, 2015 in the city of Kumanovo (FYR Macedonia). Please find attached the invitation letter, signed by the Mayor of Kumanovo, Hon. Zoran Damjanovski. Also, please find attached the registration form which should be returned by October 10 to the email address:

Please note that members of the Executive Board should plan their arrival on October 28, thus allowing the Executive Board meeting to be held on October 29, a day prior to the General Assembly. As usual, the hosting city will cover the accommodation for two delegates per city, food and local transportation, while airline ticket fees to Skopje Intl. Airport should be covered by the participants of the General Assembly.

The topics of this year’s IAPMC General Assembly is an important issue, which Europe is increasingly facing in the last period: MIGRATION AND HUMAN RIGHTS. We would like to encourage you to contribute, through your participation, to the greatest possible outcome of this General Assembly.

We are looking forward to your positive decision of attending the General Assembly in person, however if this is not possible, please appoint one or two city delegates to represent your city at the event.

Thank you for supporting the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities and for attending the events, organized in our common and joint efforts of creating a world, free of violence, intolerance, with equal opportunities for all and with respect of human rights and dignity.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the city of Kumanovo and their Mayor, Mr Zoran Damjanovski, to host the event in spite of the difficult times which are affecting their city and also entire country. By attending their events we shall demonstrate our support and understanding, so we are looking forward to greeting you in Kumanovo in October. Detailed schedule and hard copies of the invitation documents are to follow soon.

Many thanks and with kind regards,


Andrzej Pietrasik, 
President of the IAPMC and Mayor of Plonsk, Poland

Andrej Čas, 
Secretary General of the IAPMC and Mayor of Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

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